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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Don Bright, Mar 2, 2002.

  1. janko


    Hey GWB, yes you do need to retake the exam, if your series 7 is not transfered to a broker or a financial instituion within 2 years i believe the license expires. Please correct me on this if i'm wrong. thnx
    #11     Mar 4, 2002
  2. Bryan Roberts

    Bryan Roberts Guest

    it all depends on the exchange the firm is a member of. i know the philly at one time grandfathered series 7's. the P-coast might but you would have to call echo to find out. i think van buren is a member of the philly still. Vinny or Gene would definitely know!!!
    #12     Mar 5, 2002
  3. axehawk


    I've asked Van Buren about this and Vito said that because they're a member of the PHLX that you would be grandfathered in. I know Bright used to be a member of the PHLX but I'm not sure if they still are.

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  4. Bryan Roberts

    Bryan Roberts Guest

    Bright was a member of the philly but transferred to the chicago because the philly started charging $500 a year(per trader) membership fee's. i do not believe the chicago exchange grandfathers the 7............hey, if you follow up on this let us know what you find.
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  5. Sure. The "Bright-at-Home" package is $200 per month (refunded in total if you trade only 200K shares/mo.). You get full RediPlus, including data feeds and a complete "dde link" (which allows for customized spread sheets, graphs, etc.). We also provide a "Bright Quotes" page/software as a "starter kit" for you display (quotes, spoo chart, pair tracking, opening orders, etc.).

    I think it's a pretty good package.
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  6. ericdh


    If I am not mistaken Chicago stock exchange also charges $500.

    If this isn't correct please let me know :eek:
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  7. Yes, they do now (since they got a few hundred traders from us alone). Philly went to $1,000 per trader, so we moved to Chicago where it was zero...then Philly came back down, and Chicago went they are back to the same pricing. There are some trade-offs, but we like it where we are at this point.
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  8. ericdh


    The Chicago also gives the advantage of not requiring you(prop/prof firms) to hold a traders money for 1 year if he leaves also, which is pretty important imo :)
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  9. Don,

    Does the $200 remote monthly charge cover Nasdaq Level 2, or is that extra? If so, how much?

    #19     Mar 5, 2002
  10. cashonly

    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    The $200/mo remote charge covers NYSE and S&P futures. For full NASDAQ L2 it's an extra $50/mo.
    #20     Mar 5, 2002