Bright Houston Poker Game and Expo

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Avalanche, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. Ok, whose playing, and more importantly how do we interpret this statement, "we are offering
    $10,000 in cash and prizes!"

    How much is cash and how much is prizes? Are prizes free admission to Brights "boot-camp" valued at some number, are they BT T-shirts, free subs to stocks and commodities?

    What the real breakdown here? Cold hard cash.....1st place, second, etc?

    Bob's not playing is he? Only semi-pro's and amature's right, Don?



    Regarding the Houston expo:

    anyone see anything good? Line up looks pretty weak. Recommendations?
  2. bump. :)
  3. Have you tried to register at full tilt?
  4. Poker is the new NASDAQ. College kids dream about poker, not daytrading. I wonder why Don isn't working up an offshore poker website right now?
  5. A lot depends on how many players minimum we'll give away some cool chip sets, option to take classes, computers, and cash. Heck, this is a complete "free roll" - and you might even get the $600 funding from Full Tilt (if you qualify). And, yes, Bob and I will be playing...but we are not allowing Chris Ferguson or any of the Full Tilt guys to play.

    We are going to be having online tournaments, starting this fall as well.

    We did this at the Anaheim expo, and everyone seemed to really enjoy it (my niece Tammy actually won, but she donated her prize).

    Come join in....if not Houston, register so you can play the online Bright tournaments.

    All the best,

  6. Geez, Don, you and Bob just giving away Bright Trading's cold hard cash?