bright, echo, redwood choosing prop out west

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  1. i'm presently relocating to las vegas and wanted to hear which firm I should go with. bright,echo,redwood. I really want to be in an office environment. echo is opening their office some time in sep, or oct.
  2. Don't forget Carlin, Great Eastern (ProActive), Andover, Shonfeld, and all the rest who say they're coming to Vegas....(ProActive is already here)....but we have a big desert to plant them in!! :)

    Don :)
  3. Bryan Roberts

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    give me a break don.
  4. Come on "Bryan" you know I'm joking....I've made friends with ProACtive guys, and we're having lunch this week....I like Robert (Echo San Diego), and we have no problem with some more firms here.....we can all grow the industry together....we're even going to start a traders association in Nevada (actually some friends are starting it, and we are helping) should be fun.

    We're doubling the size of our office to accomodate another 50 traders (if we can get the proper permits, parking may be a problem) all is well in Las Vegas....."come on down!"....

  5. Bryan Roberts

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    been there done that!!! i just remember being told 6 weeks on my bright office and i had to laugh for 54!!! but i agree let's all just be one big happy family.....can i have my money back? (since you are in such a jolly mood)

  6. I'm wondering what you are talking about
  7. Why do you put "Bryan" in quotes. Do you know something?
  8. I'm just aware that it is not his name...nothing sinister intended.

  9. OHLC


    >can i have my money back?

    What does this mean ??