Bright Brothers, a serious question

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  1. Hi Don, my greetings and respect (he is the Don after all)

    I don't need you and you don't need me

    but I have a question, you brothers are not so young anymore

    what will happen with Bright Trading after one of you dies (I am sorry but no one lives forever)

    I am sure Company will survive, but I wonder if you guys ever thought that far into the future

    what do you think ?
  2. Prolly put an ad in the paper like everyone else.

    Wanted: Savvy young money manager to train with an investment god. Will be responsible for managing some $gabillion in cash. Must be able to think independently and recognize and avoid serious risks. Emotional stability and a keen understanding of human and institutional behavior necessary.
  3. Your a prat T28 and add nothing to this site.
  4. Don't say that, Timmay will have them whacked so he can take over.
  5. Fair enough question, and we've been working on it for years. Tammy Bright, Bob's daughter has been groomed for the last 7 years to be our President, and currently is. She handles all the day to day operations. Christy Bright-Ross, (MBA) is also Bob's daughter and is our CFO. We have an excellent Compliance Officer (Hi Diane) who is much younger than Bob or I, and her sister Dorothy is in our headquarters. The two of them handle all our legal issues and trader registrations. Bob's son Bobby manages the trading rooms in this location. All are licensed and experienced traders who trade every day. Kelly Bright does a major part of our internal trading research for continuing family portfolio needs.

    We have a long time and committed Accounting/Legal group in Chicago who knows our business inside and out.

    We have been approached by several Investment Banking and VC firms interested in perhaps buying minority interest, which we would consider only if they brought something of value to the table (we fortunately don't need the money, but would consider selling a small percentage if they brought International growth expertise).

    We have excellent subsidiaries in Canada and elsewhere who are doing more and more to help with our ongoing trading educational needs.

    We are making sure that "nothing is lost" regarding our history and training by immersing all of the above deeply into our college and internal training classes and boot camps.

    Bob enjoys working waaaay to much to ever consider slowing down, the only thing that gets him out of the office is his twice a week high stakes Hold-em poker game with all the "celebrity" types (all weekend this week with Katzenberg and the "Hollywood crew" - way too expensive for my tastes, LOL).

    I truly enjoy working with traders, new and seasoned both, and will do what I can until I can't. I have a long term committment to Stocks and Commodities, and will continue my column as long as it's of value.

    And, I can trade and post to ET from anywhere in the World, just like I have been for the last 7 years or so, LOL.

    Boy, talk about tranparency and full disclosure, LOL.

  6. DonKee


    Not to mention that when Bob calls a $5,000 raise with 47 suited the flop comes 568.

    When everyone else tries that play, the flop comes 256, but the straight draws never get there. lol
  7. Take the "over" on Bob and the "under" on me, LOL.

    Don :D

  8. Don,
    Youre not worried about leaving a bunch of skirts to mind the store? What happens if the market gets scary,?I wouldn't want to call down there and hear a bunch of hysterical broads screaming and panicing.

    Put Jesus Ferguson in charge. Instead of that guy from Scottrade in his helicopter you could have Ferguson on his Harley in the commercials.

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