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  1. JORGE


    Is anybody else having a problem with Briefing this morning?
  2. Htrader

    Htrader Guest

    The live feed was down in the morning, but its working for me now.
  3. JORGE


    Thanks, it came back up a few minutes after I posted.
  4. Well I just got an e-mail saying that the Platinum service is going up to $29.95/mo from $24.95 month. It seems to me they just had a price increase not too long ago from $9.95?

    Inflation - what inflation? (LOL)....

  5. Which one is better, investors IBD, or
    Thank You
  6. I just dropped Trader, and I got a call. Mike Tarsala said they were losing a lot of people and they wanted to know what my compliant was.
  7. yes! InPlay is a BLOATED PIG!! sheesh could they jam anymore useless commentary on there??

    oh for the old dayz........:(
  8. I wanna get this (the platnum). It's 300.00 a year, but is it as good or better that some of the other stuff thats out there?

    .......what do you guys use?

  9. i have the in play , lot of useless bs , dont plan on renewing any of it when it expires , jake