Briefing ups rate from 1 st December- $24.95

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  1. In mid-November, will launch the most exciting site enhancements in our company's 10-year history. Based on subscriber focus groups, surveys, and input from our recent Beta site ( release, we have made important changes. Soon, when you login to, you'll find we've enhanced the content, improved the site's usability and appearance, and implemented significant technology upgrades to improve speed and ensure continued reliability.

    New Services

    The new will offer two subscription services, Gold and Platinum. As a current monthly Stock Analysis subscriber paying $9.95 a month, you will have automatic access to our Gold service for the same monthly price.

    As those subscribers who have previewed our Beta site during the last few weeks know, one difference between Gold and Platinum is Live In Play®, a trademark service now offered exclusively on Platinum. While our most active traders consider Live In Play invaluable to their investment style, other subscribers don't require that level of immediate information.

    There are a number of other differences between the two services. To help you become familiar with both services, you will have complete access to both through November 30, 2003.

    What do you need to do?

    Preview both Gold and Platinum services to determine which better meets your needs (use your current username and password). You have until November 30, 2003 to decide.
    Automatically continue your $9.95 monthly Gold subscription effective December 1, 2003.
    Upgrade to monthly Platinum at $24.95 or save 16% by changing to a yearly Platinum subscription. Please contact customer service, or phone us at (800) 752-3013 or (650) 347-2220 by November 30, 2003.
    At, we remain committed to providing intelligent market insight that gives you the power to make informed, timely investment decisions. Please see New Features for more details.


    Dick Green
  2. gaj


    i'll probably stick with briefing, but i was disappointed in how they handled this...

    also, the font on the beta site is terrible.
  3. I'll stick with their basic service since all I need is economic numbers. Although...Briefing isn't that quick to report the numbers. Is there any other service that provides economic numbers quickly and for around the same price ($10-30 per month)?


  4. I have another site saved in my favorites list called

    I never bothered to try it out since I was using briefing. It seems like they are similar. I think they charge $15 a month.
  5. Yeah . . . real handsome increase there, from $10 to 25 a month if you use the LiveHeadlines page, which is the heart of their service.

    Holy shit. And as someone mentioned, they're real slow lately regards updates. They can stick this increase in their asses come December 1st.

    Plus, as a bonus, the new beta Liveheadline page requires a larger window to keep everything on a 1-line per ticker basis. Thanks guys.
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