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  1. Does anyone use this service? Its a few hundred dollars a month. Is it worth it?

  2. I use it, and have been for a couple years. I really like it. The biggest bonus is all the trade ideas they have. They do have some very good traders and a lot of good market commentary.
    I think you can still try it for free and if you like it sign up.

  3. I am trying it now, but don't have enough time during trading hours for detailed evaluation. Looks good - stock trades throughout the day, technical analysis, market internals, breaking news, good stuff.

    For an active stock trader this is good service, writh the $300 per month.
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    I agree with the above comments. The only downside I've seen with the trade suggestions, is that by the time you get the posting, it isn't possible to get the trade at the price which the Briefing trader has gotten.
  5. That is true a lot of the time. I find it is still best if you do not chase the call.

    Seems a lot of people follow these calls the second they come out, also market are so volatile by the time the trader gets in and types his one liner on it it ihas moved away.

  6. It is very interesting to hear your thoughts. I am one of the traders for the service. We're always trying to improve the utility, and for anyone who has tried it, I would love to see more feedback.

    To address one of the points made in this thread, naturally the biggest problem in this sort of thing is the availability of the trades. It's been the constant issue in our meetings (among the traders). We have begun to shift a little toward trying to give a "heads up" about what we're looking at and contemplating ahead of the trading call, but you can imagine that that's not always easy.

    If you have any suggestions about how you would like to see us go about that, I'd love to hear them.

    Brett (aka ChartTrader)
  7. Good service, and it seems to get better.

    I'd like to see more overview calls. Sometimes that seems to be lacking, as I assume you and your traders are looking for setups.

    I enjoy the mental gymnastics of the big picture, ala Art Cashin. I would really like a piece throughout the day like that.
  8. Nice for all the kudos. But is it consistently PROFITABLE?

    There are lots of sites offering TA, stock picks, covered calls, etc. But almost none of them work. $300 a month is a lot to small traders if it doesn't work!
  9. I fully understand your skepticism. Before I started working with Trader, I would've thought the same way. And I assume that most folks who try the service come into the trial with the same sense of "it's obvious that the world doesn't work this way."

    We have about 6-8 posting traders at any one time. We all have between 5-10 yrs experience. We are all profitable consistently, ourselves (You get booted if you fail to make yourself money). It's a good system.

    But there's nothing I can say to healthy skepticism other than, try it. (It's free to try for two weeks...though you can get a month if you haggle with the sales guys). The proof is in the pudding.

  10. Even if you take small positions because you don't like somebody elses' ideas, you 'll get your subscription back easily.

    It never hurts to have another set of eyes. And I think Dow is 300 hun a month, and that's just news. These guys will tell you what's on CNBC if it's important, what's on Dow, etc.

    What's it worth, not having to watch CNBC? That's gotta be a couple bills, right there.
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