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  1. Joab


    Anyone cough up the $350 per month for this service ???

    Seems rather pricey to me for what it offers.
  2. karsat


    Its not worth it for the price....
  3. It's $300 a month and I use it and like it.
  4. I couldn't find a track record, so I don't use a service. There are already hundreds of stock "advisors" out there who are clueless. If they cannot at least document that they can seriously outperform a dart thrower, then I am already ahead $300-350/month...
  5. some like throwing away money
    maybe someone should start a gorilla forum next
    i'll continue giving mine to you perma/other part-time bulls
  6. I took the trial and just documented the trades, I found a few of the traders work well for my style and give me some good ideas.

    I found that the conference call and earnings call analysis helps me get a leg up during the busy season and the rumors and stocks they put on the radar are good too.

    All in all it's worth it to me.

  7. Joab



    I'm a big earnings trader myself and a good review would be helpful to me as well rather then doing all the leg work myself.

    It just seems pricey but heck if it saves me 1 hour a day it might be worth it.

    Any other feedback ???
  8. Casey30


    I used the service for about 4 months.

    I also use tradethenews, flyonthewall, reuters, DJ news, a bloomberg terminal, and the news service holdbrothers offers. I probably spend close to 2500/month oneverything.

    Briefing trader is overpriced. Plain and simple. They are late, and the time they actually attach to the related story is often not accurate. They often released the story a minute or two after what they say they released it at. It runs in your web browser and you have to continually clear the cache every few days otherwise briefing slows down by 5-10 seconds. How do I know this, some of the other services would bereading the briefing trader calls several seconds before it would update on my machine. Once I cleared the cache, I was ahead of them.

    I also believe most of these news services completely front run the call they provide to there subscribers...Briefing likes to put out sometimes a half dozen takeover/LBO rumors a day. It gets reallytiring. It seems as though they come out after the stock spiked 5 minutes prior.

    Their conference call coverage is decent though. That is about the only thing I felt was good.

    I also felt their service sometimes slowed my pc when it updated then headlines. I am running a PC that is 1 year old and 2GB of ram. I am not running those aforementioned services on thesame PC.
  9. You are using tradethenews, flyonthewall, reuters, DJ news and Bloomber and you are complaining that Briefing puts to many take our rumors?

    How in the world do you get anything done?

    I use Briefing just to not have to spend $2500 a month on bloomberg, reuters and dow jones which puts out 99.5% of useless information anyways.

    To each his own I guess though, I guess it all matters how you use it. I don't have time nor do I have any inclination to put in that kind of time on research when I can have somebody else do it for me.

  10. Donkell


    For info, an abbreviated is provided free through Cybertrader.
    Whether it will continue once they fully merge with Schwab in Dec. I don't know.

    Fly on the wall is also available now.

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