Briefing Trader - $300 a month?

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  1. Has anyone tried this service? Heard that some of the trades they and some of their members call out pretty good.
  2. Really, I have heard that they suck.

    I took a look at the website and I have to say it is pretty chintzy.

    Much of the basic concept is derivative (read ripoff) from other sites (including Teresa Lo's), and the text is just blah.

    From my point of view the "trader" has a very limited education (although he boasts that he graduated from Stanford). Oddly he does not seem to understand much of the nuance of the S&P market.

    Whoever "Trader Mike" is, his act is pretty weak. He includes every trite saying from every book you have ever read including droning commentarys about "expectancy" and "multiple R" (Van Tharp).


    I know a few Stanford Grads. What characterizes them is their ability to synthesize new and compelling concepts from an existing framework. This site is the opposite. You have all the trappings of a hastily assembled site, the language of the pop authors, but none of the "knock your socks off insight" that I think a Stanford grad would offer. For my money Teresa Lo does a much better job of it.

    Basically I would avoid this site "like the plague" (Sorry but trite deserves trite). I would not bother with this site, even if it were free.

    From my point of view, the "straw that broke the camel's back" is the rather incompetent way that the promotor tried to spam us all here tonight. If this person was truly a Stanford Grad, one would expect to see a creative approach with a free trial, and a number of different resources appealing to specialty markets like energy, commodities, currencies and debt markets for instance. I will say this. If you are having trouble sleeping, mouse on over here and try reading through some of these blogs. If you can get through one or two without succumbing to the urge to shoot yourself, you will be asleep in minutes.

    I would categorize both the site and the promoter as complete losers, with no redeeming features that I can see at this time.

    Total Thumbs Down.

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    what does briefing trader have to do with trader mike?
  4. traderob


    That's what I wondered. Isn't Briefing trader an offshoot of
  5. zdreg


    correct. some posters to put it mildly don't post correct info.
  6. Isn't Trader Mike a blog? I don't think he is part of Briefing Trader (to my knowledge)
  7. Yes you are correct. I was wrong. Briefing Trader is part of

    TraderMike is a blog

    I was wrong. So now I will get it right

    First I read the Trader Mike Blog and was not impressed. I thought the blog was derivative in that the style reminded me of the work of Teresa Lo.

    Second I believe that Briefing Trader at $300/mo is not worth it.

    I think that covers it.

  8. Steve...

    Did you actually use Briefing Trader, or you are just thinking its a waste of money? I have seen a few of their posts and they seem to have decent calls (a friend of trader that I sit next to gave it to him, but he had a trial version).

    Just want to know if anyone uses it fulltime
  9. Yes I take trials for products quite often. In addition I have been a customer of over a period of years. I simply do not think it is worth the money.

  10. tomcole


    In the last 6 months, BriefingTrader has made some monster intra-day calls in equities, and oil.

    Plus you're not locked in, if you want to cancel after a few months, you can. Try it.
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