briefing says explosion in nyc

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    18:09 Explosion reported in midtown Manhattan, crowds running from scene, according to Reuters reporter - Reuters
  2. So that's why the NQ is making new contract highs? Furious false alarm short covering.

    Thanks, couldn't figure why all the volatility AH.
  3. Transformer explosion. Pffft
  4. From a manhole.. 1 person injured. phew!
  5. Explosion Rocks Midtown Manhattan
    Fire and emergency crews responded to the scene of a suspected manhole or steam pipe explosion at 43rd Street and Lexington Avenue.
  6. markets sensitive...and can you blame em...
    I was watching it and I was crapping my pants (I have no positions in ES)....
  7. 8 point drop in ES just enough to take out stops, no free rides tonight.

    Bet that sure pissed of some folks, now it's right back up again.
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    Don't let them cover! Keep buying!
  9. I really hate it when my manhole explodes.:p
  10. The guy is prolly a magician at a gay wedding.
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