Briefing lost in spaaaaaace!

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Cdntrader, May 27, 2004.

  1. BIg run up afterhours on NVLS news and no mention on Briefing.

    Those boys need some competition!

    what is happening with NVLS btw ? is it the mid Q update? I would like to know in advance when those mid Q take place, not hear about it a few hours before on TV.
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    Novellus Raises 2Q Earnings, Revenue Targets >NVLS

    By Marcelo Prince

    NEW YORK (Dow Jones)--Novellus Systems Inc. (NVLS) executives said business was "very good" and raised their earnings and revenue targets for the second quarter......
  4. Someone already used the title that came to mind when I first read this thread. is by far the slowest, lamest site there is when it comes to posting market-moving news.

    Once upon a time I was a paying sub for their service. There seemed to be a minimum 15-30 minute delay on them posting newsworthy items, if at all. I could usually tell by price movements when news was hitting, but darned if I could find out why on Briefing. Now I use them for the Economic Calendar, to track what's on tap each day. Otherwise, they're a waste of broadband.

    GOATS! (Still think it's funny, but don't know why)
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    Are there other sites that are quicker, but reasonably priced? I remember trying one a few months ago that was like $300/mo, and it didn't seem to be any better.
  6. From what I've heard, you gotta pay big money for timely news. I quit worrying about the news, and just watch price.
  7. I actually like a lot, of course, I get it free through a broker. They definitely missed the NVLS update last night, but in general I think they do a good job of reporting the earnings calls and stuff during the day. I do think it is more background than a news wire. I wouldn't try to news trade off it, it's not a bloomie nor does it pretend to be. For what it is, it fills a definite need and is useful. probably 95% of what they have is available on marketwatch for free, but you have to drill down a little for it.