's Holiday Pump &Dump

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  1. In my view, takes advantage of light Holiday trading to pump penny stocks that are associated with hype-news. Look what they did over Thanksgiving with the VoIP stocks, and now they're going to be pumping "Mad Cow" stocks over Christmas....

    This happens every year that I can remember.
  2. They've started first thing this morning...pump those stocks while no one is watching and while the market is illiquid.....
  3. What are you trying to say? Illegal hype or what?
  4. Well,
  5. And why do they do it?
  6. The only question is how do you play it to make money.:D

  7. Briefing sucks. CBS marketwatch provides the same service for free, and in some cases, faster updates.
  8. True

  9. Hard words... I like their market report every half hour. I don't think that CBS Marketwatch do that?
  10. Ebo


    Briefing misses more than it reports period.
    It BLOWS!
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