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  1. Does anyone use for news?I was checking it out through the yahoo site and it seems like they have some great calls each day as far as upgrades/downgrades go.I saw plenty of great ideas today that turned out to be profitable where one could have bought or shorted the open based on the upgrades/downgrades that were mentioned before the open,such as QLGC,KRB,BSTE and CDN to name a few...
  2. I subscribed to it and it didn't make me any money. They make so many calls that alot of them are duds.
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    Trading the upgrades is a real art.

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    Briefing is late!
    Informative but not info to run with.
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    Most of briefing's news is reprinted on other sites such as Yahoo,
    and by the time you read it, it is already old news.

    Trading upgrades or downgrades premarket won't get you anywhere, unless that news happens to put a stock you are tracking into a position you were hoping for. But trying to react to that news instantly will only bring you a lot of frustation.
  6. I subscribe to it, just to keep tabs on all the economic reports and earnings. It's only $9.99/mo.

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    I have found their information late by hours. It is for retail guys who have no access to anything else.

    I use and bloomberg. Compare the ratings from briefing, especially intra-day vs and you will drop your subscription to briefing.
  8. can you trade the fly alerts intraday and make money?

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    look at there PD downgrade today from CIBC. CIBC desk didn't even know about it when i called them, good for .60c, plus you had time to get it off...they really have a lot more information then anyone else...its like anything else, you need to pick through it and find what works for you.......But as far as street calls go, hands down there is now comparison.
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    Trying out a new service, "streetaccount". Sort of like briefing but supposedly faster.

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