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    those of you here who use this service, possibly you could help me out... i am experiencing difficulty staying logged in with my accnt... after approximately 5mins of inactivity... and i miss out on potential news blips, which in turn is why i am paying for this site to begin with... anyone here know how to correct this situation???
  2. gaj


    i have it set up with the 'keep me logged in' option...

    it resets only when my cookies get deleted (i think).

    do you clear out your cookies automatically (from your web browser) each time? if so, that might be why.
  3. dgmodel

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    i do not do anything... i have set to the defaults... the only thing is i have keep my internet history for 0 days... how do i set it to the keep me logged in function???
  4. hey...

    i use to have the same problem...when u first log on it asks underneath to check if you want the site to save your password...if u click yes to that it never happens fact u are always logged on and no longer have to type in anything even when first visiting the site every morning...hope that helps ya out...good trading to u

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    thank you very much... greatly appreciated...