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    is it helpful? anyone use those service?
  2. I do.
    They provide excellent economy/beg picture/fundamental analysis. It's surprising how many people trade -and lose money- without such analysis.

    Tried their subscription service, altough interesting, i'm not a stock pricker (swing trade index ETFs) so it was too much info that couldn't use.
  3. Term


    I have briefing trader. It's decent but expensive. They give market commentary; positions some traders put on; post on conference calls; and earnings info - among other things.

    Usually I don't have too much time to pay attention to it as I am trading.

    Regular briefing is ok. You can find much of the same information for free.. but may not be delivered in such a concise manner.
  4. I tried platinum and thought the content was quite good and easy to read. The problem is that it is a web based service and it caused my browser to crash every day (tried both firefox and ie). Also the news came in a bit slow and every time the news updated it stole my blinking cursor so if I was typing I would lose my spot even in another open browser!?!?

    I have canceled my trial and am now doing Dow Jones news through esignal. This seems to be very fast but a little too overwhelming. There is so much news being pumped every second that you begin to ignore it a bit.
  5. I use the platinum version and it's great to find stocks that are moving.
  6. the service is great overall, $ 30.00 monthly is a good price , its worth having, good information, can't beat it, a big plus for any active trader imo..
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    don't they have a much more expensive service as well?