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  1. sabunabu


    I noticed that had some news on CTTY before everyone else did. Is this always the case or did they just get lucky?

    Anyone subscribe and feel that it's really worth it?
  2. Invaluable tool, and a good value, IMO!
  3. tomcole


    They get some great news and some crap news. For a while I tried to trade on some of their comments and always lost money. Lately, they've been much better. You have to look at them in a yearly horizon, imho, to decide if they're worth it.

    Right now, I feel great about them.
  4. Does news ever get released directly to these guys? Or do they just observe that a certain stock looks hot? I thought that if, say, IBM did a press release they issued it through one of the big boys like Reuters.
  5. Occasionally, they profile an unnoticed microcap that works out well. I find that the ones not covered by other news feeds can be traded profitably.
  6. JORGE


    Unfortunately I was not paying attention, but Briefing mentioned OTIV a few minutes ago as a way to play the move in CTTY and it popped a couple pts.
  7. did they carry the story about bill gross talking down interest rates today? wonder who's long bonds?
  8. tomcole


    They're good on econ number quick analysis, I've made dough there. Overall, I'd give them a B+ for content, A for effort.

    They mercilessly keep posting comments/news/analysis from 6AM EST until about 7PM EST. Sometimes later.

    I have their screen overlayed with a Dow Jones screen and briefing may be behind the curve by 10-15 seconds, but they're easily 10 minutes ahead on giving comments and analysis on econ numbers. If you're serious about trading, I'd try it for 6 months.

    NB- Yes on pimco comments
  9. that CTTY trade was insane. unfortunately i dont have but if i did, that would have been 10+ points in the bank. i mean it was a $6 stock. even if you bought 100 shares, you could hold it to bankruptcy and still only lose $600.

    anyways, all the different news providers have their own secret relationships and can break news before anyone else. generally bloomberg is the best but and other cheaper news sources sometimes have the news first.
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    Way to think big Monistat!
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