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  1. I am currently using for my news feed and quite often find that they are missing news items that could really affect my trade. I really like the one stop shopping that I get from Briefing and also like the the auto refresh feature on their Live Headline page. I want the quickest access to news and the most complete including all earnings announcements, up and down grades etc. .... Any other suggestions.
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    Try Dow Jones. They seem to be the quickest to get it on the wire. And they seem to get everything.
  3. News Watch..........Although I am a user myself.
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    Playing news is a labor intensive, very expensive business. The high end feeds from Bridge, Reuters, DJ are expensive and you have to be watching them all at the same time like a hawk because they don't all pick up or publish the same info at the same time. You have to value the play according to how many feeds it is on , time elapsed, and importance. They will then sell into briefing or cnbc mentions. If you want to try on a pikers budget you will watch,, both watched by serious newsplayers. Premarket read,and this cnet page, During the day watch this marketwatch page, You'll begin to see how nuts playing the news is. That said some do it well but you can't be doing much else.
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    i think a combo of briefing and DJ is the best bet if you can do it.
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    Should add technigues to my previous post. Serious news players know related,sympathy, stocks well. They know suppliers of names, i.e. if CSCO says something negative they know which co's that will impact and are all over them waiting for the market to understand, several day plays many times. They know competitors, PFE doesn't get fda aporroval for a drug they know who that will impact. When the first anthrax news came out within seconds they were all over food irradation co's waiting for the market to understand. Like professional shorts they know their biz. and the mkts. They are not just playing the name mentioned in the news release.
  7. totally agree with Banjo.....News can also work against you...what i mean by that is you may perceive the news to be bad and in fact have the stock move agaisnt need to know the game( how the news affects the stock or industry or its sympathy stock) and have your eyes glued to the screen...not to mention the whipsaw you may get from the voilent moves that come right before and after news.....but can be very profitable if used correctly......