Live in Play Platinum not working today?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Rearden Metal, Jul 21, 2005.

  1. I get a blank page. Is it just me?
  2. Mr Guest

    Mr Guest

    "Live In Play" is down's not just you. "Live Headlines" comes up but is more than 30 minutes behind.
  3. briefing is a joke imo.
  4. JORGE


    This is about the 4th time in the last month they've had this problem. They're blaming it on increased usage due to earnings and a large number of new subscribers. They said they will be adding new servers this weekend to fix the problem.

    I'm getting more than a little tired of these problems and am trying to find a suitable replacement. If anyone has switched to a comparable service, ideas would be appreciated.
  5. tomcole


    Yup, its getting pretty bad.......
  6. F. d'Anconia

    F. d'Anconia Guest

    yup, same, glad someone is posting here, I was freaking. Love reading over lunch break and its all yesterdays news.

    they suck. what kind of servers they got over there? Commodore 64's? Vic 20's?
  7. ElCubano


    let me know as well

    08:59 We apologize for the continuing problems with the auto-refresh

    This problem occurs when we experience high usage between 8:30 and 9:30 ET. We've added servers to address this issue and we are working on a new delivery method for content that should help greatly. We hope to have this problem completely resolved by this weekend. The key issue is the amount of content we are now delivering, combined with the much-improved refresh technology that we recently implemented (on a normal day, this new refresh technology is a dramatic improvement over the old version). The problems are that we have added hundreds of companies to our earnings coverage (as well as headline earnings comments to get the prelim numbers to you faster) and have added additional editorial staff (thus more comments). We have also seen a spike in usage by subscribers. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.
  8. I noticed that Merrill no longer provide rating change information to Briefing - anyone know where else I can get timely Merrill ratings change info?
  9. bdon


    Anyone who has a Merrill Brokerage Account will have access to Merrill Lynch Online which posts their morning report every morning with all their ratings changes. Its in the Markets / Research / Morning Call section.

    Find a friend with an account and get his password.
  10. I've notice briefing is getting very slow. It's earning season and I use it to get earnings info. I am a gold subcriber. Seems like it is taking 20 seconds to load. Today it's not working. Are they having some kind of server maintenance?
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