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  1. gave itself a nice plug today, citing the stocks it highlighted, saying it had made its readers good money this year.

    What about the majority of VoIP plays it hyped over thanksgiving that are WAY off the prices at which they were pumped? What about the bagholders of those Mad Cow stocks that gapped open on their recommendation, only to get crushed?

    I have a real bone to pick with they are the epitome of PUMP & DUMP. It's a RARE day that you'll make a good trade/investment when you buy/sell on their recommendation.........

    In 2004 I'm going to start a Contra journal here on ET.
  2. Did they really "recommend" VoIP or Mad Cow stocks? I thought they just "mentioned" them. I don't think "mentioned" equals "recommending". They do make formal recommendations....I don't follow them closely so I don't know how they did....but for the record none of these recommendations were Mad Cow stocks or VoIP.
  3. real traders don't blame others(websites,gurus,newsletters,brokers etc etc etc) for their loses.
  4. I subscribe to Briefing, definitely a good source for earnings and economic calendars.

    Its BS that I bought a one year subscription and they change the service on me 4 months into it.

    I have never used it for news except for premarket to prepare for the day.
  5. They mention a zillion stocks in a year. The market kicked butt, especially the small stuff they often cover.

    Since they don't post entries and exits (as far as I know) they can't really take credit for anything, other than they were around on Jan 1 and Dec 31.
  6. "careful readers of In Play more than likely have reason to celebrate as the year comes to a close. For example, we flagged the sustained rise in mining stocks ... we pointed out the rise in little-known groups such as foreign telecoms....over the course of the year we highlighted numerous other sectors, such as the back-from-the-dead Internet, VoIP, and Mad Cow groups.... flagged many of this year's top performing stocks before their big moves"