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  1. Does it ever seem to anyone else that highlights unknown or microcap stocks in its "In Play" updates? I wonder if they profit from the moves they create. Anyone know anything?

    And have you ever noticed how the columnists at RealMoney always seem to write about the same stocks month after month after month, saying the same bullish/bearish things, as if they're trying to talk the stocks up or down.

    I've noticed the same thing with CBS MarketWatch and Forbes (who has been hyping nano stocks since the begining of this year).

    It really makes me wonder just exactly HOW MUCH these columnists make off the moves they create in microcap stocks, and whether they benefit directly or indirectly from the hype they create....
  2. You mean....are any of the aforementioned columnists guilty of securities fraud???:D Why don't you foreward your suspicions to the SEC?

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    How about Barrons and Investors Business Daily?