Briefing.COM Alternatives??

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  1. Any ideas for reasonably priced ($10-$20/mo.) alternative to the "All-New" Briefing.Com??

    They've raised their prices ($25/mo. vs. $10/mo.) for no more services (usable) and site is often 'down/unavailable'.

    Thoughts? Found RealMoney.Com virtually worthless. Just a lot of 'pumping/dumping' and 'paralysis from over-analysis'.

  2. What's wrong with James Cramer?
  3. Tell me you've followed his 'ideas' (pump/dump) for over 15 months and made money??!!
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  5. Thanks - I'll check it out.

    Use Briefing mostly for 'current' news during, and just before, the trading day. Also they seem to do a 'fairly' decent job of catching most of the analysts' upgrades/downgrades.
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    do a search for my user ID, you'll find some of the problems...
  7. I cancelled briefing after December. Their site stops auto-refreshing frequently, their news is slower than free sites and they never answer any e-mails. All this for a 250% price increase.

    Piss on them.

    CBS marketwatch provides a similar news service and it's totally free.
  8. Yeah, I use CBS M.Watch as well. Only thing, they don't mention (in a timely fashion) when a stock's halted. Also, they don't usually 'catch' the upgrades/downgrades in less than 1/2 a business day.

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  10. The best of the best: CBS Marketwatch.
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