briefing active trader - anyone using it?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by tomcole, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. tomcole


    Anyone using it and making money?
  2. I've got it on a trial. trouble is, what's left for the other product. ? How do you decide what to give the platinum subscriber, and what do you give the premium product.?

    I hate when these services do this. One price, premium service that's it.

    did you like how they "approved" you. It was the ole' fog the mirror screening. Your credit card passed, you 're in.

    So far, so, so. I'll give it the two weeks.
  3. Last week they were touting on In Play that two of the picks they made the previous day on the premium service were now up 40 to 50 percent. How many picks per day do they make?
  4. tomcole


    They seem to make 6 or 7 a day, but dont provide a recap.
  5. I count 27 comments of all types at 11:39EDT.
  6. Briefing Blows.

    I dont miss it at all!
  7. What do you use? What does your setup look like.?