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  1. My system will briefly freeze for about 8 sec throughout the day.
    By freeze I mean that my keyboard and mouse inputs stop, though task manager seems to keep recording.

    It may go hours without one then do several over a 30 min span, so it is hard to tell if I have a solution. I have disconnected any usb devices, closed anything in task manager that is not needed.

    The only thing of value I noticed was that when I open a program ,TM shows both cores( c2duo) spike to 90%. When I get a freeze only one core spikes to 100, the other is flat. Also the spike is very fast though the freeze lasts much longer.

    Any ideas appreciated. thank you
  2. I would look first at some software which is running.
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    I had a similar experience lately and the cause was my new Logitech mouse. But since you disconnected all USB devices, that won't be the case for you.

    Another cause for freezes from my experience is the video card driver.
  4. every bit of software that is not needed to run is closed.

    the mouse and keyboard are usb but if I remove those I cant tell if its running. Both are basic plain types.

    I am going to remove network cable tomorrow. I am looking for decent ideas since I realize this is hit or mostly miss.
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    try diff mouse, in my case mouse wire was half broken.
  6. what's the spec of your machine?
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    Any software looking for an internet update can cause a delay. I fixed a system here on the weekend that had a similar problem. Turned out to be the HP printer update.

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    Some system wide low-level stuff, like macro programs can cause problems like that.
  9. How is your memory usage? Are you running XP? Are you running a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system?

    Pegging one core is normal on single-threaded applications. You are probably just running into the limits of your hardware (cpu + RAM).

    What are the specs of your hardware and what OS are you running?

    Brand/Model of computer
  10. I have xp-32. Its a c2duo7500 with a gigabyte mb , 8 mb of memory and sata WD 500 g hard drive.

    Today the freeze used both cores. I checked and reseated memory, the cpu mount seems solid.

    I am trying to hit a f1 on the keyboard when it freezes to see if its the whole system, but I am never fast enough.

    Was thinking that if it was a complete system lock would task manager show gaps in its cpu graph? I will try a faster update speed to confirm this( if it means anything?).
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