Bridgewater's Ray Dalio Makes Case for Diversifying Portfolios with Bitcoin

Discussion in 'Crypto Assets' started by Daal, Apr 17, 2021.

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    At the bottom on 56k$ Thiel was saying Bitcoin was financial attack by China.. Is this a sell signal now?
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    I think he is fine, media shows it as they like it...

    Here is Bridgewater take on bitcoin, published in January.
    I read it back then and I remember quite a positive view, with the warning of a possible government action as the biggest danger.

    It might also be here where he mentions how crypto can't be charted as a normal instrument because they are still new, no fundamentals, still have to establish some sort of median value and that is also the reason why we see some vertical charts.
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    He just came around, they all come around eventually if/when they do the work...
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    Thiel wasn't saying China is a threat, he was arguing that China/Bitcoin could be a threat if the US let's them.

    Hence the US should start to adopt and think about having a Digital Assets Ecosystm (DAE) strategy for the coming years...

    My strategy for any government would be learn to live with and support the ecosystem. They can't stop it, only hold it back. So better to offer a simple reg/tax/legal regime and encourage entreprenuers and software developers to work some magic.

    With a proper government setup for the DAE that country could really shine.

    Europe lost the software sector the US, name me for example one massive tech house in Europe? But like the software business in the 1960/70s the DAE is up for grabs.

    The US is totally dysfunctional at the moment, and it looks like it's only going to get worse. So Europe has a better set of cards at present. And if they fail, then Asia will win again, as they've been doing against the West for 2 long decades...
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    ,, what if 10% or 20% or 30 or 40 or 50% of private holdings of gold were shifted to Bitcoin to diversify holdings, or what if 10 or 20 percent of those who built Bitcoin and got on its wagon wanted to diversify into other assets like gold and stocks, or what if the government wanted to prohibit its use, or what if etc… what would these scenarios look like? They paint a picture that is highly uncertain. ''

    ,,highly unknown future that I could put an amount of money in that I wouldn’t mind losing about 80% of.''

    While he advice 5%-7% in gold, then the real amount (say 10% of that, for someone very careful) is .5%

    That's 40 times less.


    I didn't took into account that you mentioned lambos, looks like you were skeptical about it as well. Thus only the source was bad.
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    @Daal By you posting this, isn't this a contrarian indicator that crypto at least in the short term has peaked?
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    We will only know after the fact, then it's all obvious.

    For example, 'they' said that lazer eyes was surely a sign of a short term peak in Bitcoin but the price has rallied another 25%+. Anyone that sold on the back of laser eyes, trying to be clever like Peter Brandt, has left money on the table.

    With the already limited supply continually being further locked up with Bitcoin there's a chance that it won't obey any of the ideas, tricks and strategies that have worked in the past until much higher prices. Who knows...
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