Bric About To Tank?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dsq, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. dsq


    IM thinking brazil is the next most overhyped pos that will an extreme tankage.It emerged from 3rd world status and is based on soy exports or whatever.Seems totally vulnerable.

    BTW does anybody know what the breakeven is for tarsand companies-is it 80$ a bbl?I think some of these tarsand companies will be in crisis soon.CDN dollar will tank...
  2. EWZ down 65% in last 4 months.
  3. Daal


    BRIC has already crashed. its around value land
  4. Emerging markets ultra short EEV up over 32% today. Should continue?
  5. dsq


    damn!is there a brazillian short etf...i dont know jack about brazils markets but when south america goes bad they go into anarchy.
  6. brazil is going to be living it up when the energy crunch hits for real and isnt just a speculative bubble loosely attributed to peak oil.

    However, cut the price of oil in half and you push brazils time to shine back considerably. The great country of the future ... and always will be.

    I, in any case, am getting my ass down there ASAP for a multitude of reasons.

    Im also adding to my commodity exposure here in my doomsday-themed retirement IRA as well as investing in tinfoil hats.
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    Surely the BRIC markets are just going to follow the S&P but with about twice as much beta? If S&P rallies to 1200 the BRICs will be up 50-75%, if the S&P falls to 600 the BRICS will be down 50%.

    Just trade the ES until there is some kind of decoupling in the prices of these instruments. It seems right now almost everything is just following the ES with different beta and/or inversely (bonds, gold). I can't really see much that is moving independently.
  10. THE WORLD is tanking look at any global index or world fund alot are down +60%
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