Brian Shannon partnering with Tim Sykes

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  1. Wasn't he w/ David Nassar? He sounded like a very good trader. Not sure what he is doing w/ Timmay.....
  2. one is an internet marketer, the other is a trader. there is more money in IM than in trading. Tim needs a good trader. Brian needs customers and IM income. Good Venture.

    PS: if you have a trading blog PM me.
  3. Timmay isn't a legit figure?

    I thought he was a good trader. I don't know much about him tho. Just heard hype.
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  5. hope u r joking. Read the torrents of self promotion we had to endure while he was a sponsor. It was like nausea in the form of endless posts.

    The man couldn't give away a free bottle of water to a dehydrated camel in the Sahara. But he attracts the 95% of traders who lose and are desparate...
  6. It looks like Brian Shannon is taking the low road. He must be lacking cash and needs to do anything he can to promote himself.
  7. Tim is obnoxious BUT he has bragging rights on Covestor. I think Brian knows his stuff big time. Sounds like a good mix to me.

    No shortage of comments on that link to the event. Makes me start to think they should change that old saying just a bit-

    -"Those that can, do. Those that can't, HATE"-


    Change is the only constant
  8. Facts are Sykes is more succesful than 98% of the the posters here. he is number one or number two presently across most metrics on yah can't fake that!

    So what that he is promoter, the performance on covestor speaks for itself. Anyone else here placing in this REAL MONEY contest, anyone??? LOL!

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    Sykes is a complete scumbag.

    You've got to have brain damage to admire Tim Sykes. Of course, if you've posted on ET 12,000 times you probably DO have brain damage.
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