Brian Shannon of Alphatrends blogspot proves to us that services for traders pays...

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Port1385, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. It looks like Brian is shutting down the old blogspot. According to the site, he has some 9000 unique visitors on a weekly basis.

    So lets say 5% of the 9000 decide to subscribe to the site. Thats 450 users. 450X59= $26550X12= $318600

    Lets say the website is totally unpopular and only draws 1% of the 9000. 90X59= 5310X12= $63720

    Either way, thats good money for just sitting around after the market close and telling everyone that price is above or below the 5 day moving average. Not bad...
  2. You get paid money by to post a blog?
  3. LexNY


    Brian Shannon was one of the blogs that I was following on daily basis. I never understood why he was posting daily comments on daily basis for free. I got my answer recently. Obviously one day price pays, someone will start paying for it.

    I kind of find him educational, a bit different thn some other out there. I improved my trading skills following him everyday. Coming to your point of talking about if we are above or below the MAs; yes he is all over those MAs but dont forget it in trading World you need to be aware of where the winds are coming from. He likes to talk about some potentials point in terms of resistance and supports. He always reminds you being a diciplined trader and the only thing that pays is price. I believe he recently added some trading ideas that he is going to promote in his membership site, I guess that will be he teasor for some people.

    I didnt sign up to his premium membership, cause it came about in surprise and not feeling in the mood of paying membership fees to every blog site that I like on the internet.
  4. he is linked up with stocktwits, which is unfortunate. Never say anything bad about it on twitter or else Howard Lindzon will berate you in front of everyone and then they will just BAN you. So lame.