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Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by roncer, Dec 29, 2010.

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    Has anybody used this trader's service or have any information to share regarding the high annual percentages that they claim?

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  3. TraDaToR


    Trading snake oil salesman and candidate for Congress in Idaho?

    Oh well, in both case it involves scamming people...Same skills needed.
  4. emg


    he is not a snakeoil salesman. he is regulated commodity broker.
  5. roncer


    Yeah he is a comodities trader not the guy running for congress.

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    WHOOPS............seems that is the same guy Comodities broker/trader and running for office in Idaho..........doesn't sound good.

  7. EPrado


    I like his charts on the website which shows his trades. He sure buys a lot of bottoms and sells a lot of tops. I have seen that song and dance before. Scam City.

    Always wondered why traders as good as he is need to sell their calls.
  8. roncer


    I would just like to see his 10 trading results so I have emailed him for it. I will post a comment whenever I get it.
  9. roncer


    OK...........I recieved Brian's trading track record for the first eight months of 2010. He started with a balance of approximately 25,000 and had a balance of 29,500 at the end of August. According to my calculations that's a profit of about 18%. Not real great, especially considering that most of most of that profit (3,500) was made on a single good trade.

    So I guess I will keep looking. I would like to find a service that could yield a nice percentage appreciation, say 15 to 20% most every year.

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    OK Brian.
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