Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall is he

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  1. reincarnation of Jesus? He can not be killed now. Many attempts have been made. Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall, has cured people with aids and cancer.
  2. He's only human, can easily be is this wallstreet news???

  3. He declares end of the illuminati presence in the near future. All life he says has been contolled by Illuminati freemason. He can prove who is by shroud of turin, the true gentic of Judah. He shows in specific detail showing the dates of his birth, specific geometry of earth, and the great pyramid in Egypt. He claims the bible has been written by freemasons who have taken out the true name Yahweh.
  4. Eh, someone will kill biggie
  5. He claims the Cia has attempted to kill him numerous times. He can not be killed now. He claims the thrown of England. He has said point blank take your best shot. He has offered to speak at the un. He said blow up the plane do what ever you want. He will make it easy.
  6. Eh, I'm not impressed by what some whacko says....maybe you are??

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  7. He, has declared the vatican the great whore. He has shown the true books old Testament to Job, Isaih, Revelations is true. The mark of the beast he says are the Churhes which he says worship Lucifer.
  8. This is just blah blah blah, not interesting...and NOT Wall St News

  9. He says the meek will inherit the earth. All life must repent and recognize him.The fallen angels will cast out now, and dec 21, 2012. He says, it my or highway. He says it is not an election.
  10. I heard a homeless man on the street say the same thing the other day....must have heard it on tv or something.

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