Brian Hunter left Amaranth

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  1. Smash & grab or grab $75mil & smash?
  2. jasonjm


    "and a $7 billion retirement fund run by San Diego County."

    can always count on san diego county to be involved in any loss....

    san diego must be like con-man heaven
  3. Pabst


    Did he leave amicably?
  4. jasonjm


    yes he said thank you 75 million times on the way out
  5. Yeah, I've been exprimenting with gambling algorithms as well (that's how you go from being King of the Hill to Turd City, Hunter, Neidferhoffer), all those guys who made it big, lost it big ... now if I could just figure out when to Cut & Run!.


  6. The study concluded that no more than 250 of the more than 8,000 individual hedge funds – deliver performance in line with their higher fees.

    hmm i bet half of them r closed off to new equity applications. The truth is that the real big and successful HF: Medallion, Tudor, Caxton etc pretty much dont take any more funds and alot of HF out there manage money crapper than some of the guys in this forum.

    Which really begs the question: Should there be an ET Hedge Fund?
  7. traderob


    That settles it, I am going to look into becoming a fund manager, certain I can do better than them.
  8. m4a1


    hey be careful about praising those funds you mentioned and saying they're "real" big and successful funds. how do you know they won't blow up too? a month ago amaranth was a "real" big and successful fund too, and prided themsleves on risk management.

    every fund is real big and successful until they hit a huge drawdown or blow up.

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