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    I did.
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  2. It's always wise to have a somewhat open, neutral mind in trading -- while still maintaining a directional bias, to some extent. :confused:o_O
    Another example of the so-called professional analysts being wrong. They're sheep -- and Sheep get slaughtered.

    "Racing on a headless horse,
    I’ve done the damage, set the course...

    There’s no sun here, no reflection,
    Waiting for the resurrection..."
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  3. Congrats to the UK getting their country back! Gonna be a tough day for whiny British douchelennials who voted to remain in the EU.
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    You could see around 2100BST it was heading Brexit, the problem is that the city traders are idiots and just shot everyone in the foot. They dropped the price without confirming the resistance so it's going to have to retrace back up to 1.50s.

    That means it's going to be a yo-yo until the ultimate target of 1.20. It will either be weeks or go to years, depends what happens when the EU throw their toys out of the pram in the coming days!

    The populous will pay the ultimate price, this is going to be a case of the traders letting the volatility genie out of the bag seeking higher profits and will wish they hadn't. To offset that level of volatility you have to either trade very long timeframes (days/weeks/months) or very short timeframes (seconds/milliseconds) of which most including the banks and hedge funds are not set up for.

    If they had confirmed the resistance before the move none of this will have happened, it will have just been a straight drop and then everyone can move on. The way they have done it is just not nice!
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    My dream has become true! The Brits are gone! GONE FOR EVER! :D
    The Brits have nothing to say in Europe anymore!
    Some traders will profit very big...
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    Open your stash guys, it's discount time!
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    This is just the first domino to fall. The EU has too many structural problems to survive long term. The design was flawed from the beginning.
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    Already talk of referendums in Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland. The EU as a political body may be done. Could it go back to just a trade group?
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  9. Agree. Too many big boys caught offside on this one. Also far too much dumb money been put on the short side of the table. Price will be brought back up to squeeze out the shorts, allowing to big boys to exit and get on the correct side for the slow grind down.
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