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  1. There is a huge vote in June for Britain .The EU referendum to vote on whether Britian should stay or leave the EU. The main concern being the migrant crisis.

    I posted a poll on the thread. Please vote whether you think Britain should stay or leave. Comment with some of your thoughts on the situation. Thoughts on where GBP or EUR may trade based on vote are welcome as well.

    Real Danger of Brexit:

    Telegraph odds tracking of brexit:

    Various betting sites odds of brexit:
  2. I own stock in this firm called Europe. I'm considering selling it, and buying another stock called BritainAlone. There may be benefits to switching, but they're highly uncertain. However there is a definite cost to buying and selling. These are very illiquid shares, so the cost is extremely high.

    I'm comparing a known cost, with an unknown benefit. I have to discount the latter to account for the uncertainty.

    So I'm voting stay, purely on rational economic grounds.

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  3. What do you mean by saying "Please vote whether you think Britain should stay or leave"?
    It really depends on the prospective.

    GB definetely will lose in a short-term, but if you'll look in 3-5 years ahead the decission probably pays for itself because EU is on the verge of collapse.

    For EU the loss of Great Britaian means the begging of the end.
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    I'm not necessarily voting to stay in, but did like your post nonetheless.
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    What other countries want out of the EU ?
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    UK likely to leave EU (IMO). There will be a lot of scaremongering sponsored by the elite, but people had enough.
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  9. "Greece / Austria/ Macedonia want to close their borders, EU soon will become disaster. Great Britain border could be closed by voting to leave EU ." via comment section ^^
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