Brexit by October 31st - Likely to Happen..... or Not?

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Is a Brexit likely to happen by October 31st?

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  1. Yes

  2. I don't give a shit

  3. Maybe not

  4. No

  1. There are debates as to weather Brexit will or will not happen by October 31st. Let's settle it here. This poll will end in 1 day.
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  2. Overnight


    The choices are a bit unwieldy.

    "Maybe" and "maybe not" seems redundant. And you forgot the option of choosing "I don't care."
  3. You're right!
  4. tomorton


    Probably yes.
  5. prefro


    Prior to the 'news leak' I would have guessed 'No' because making a deal with the EU where every member has veto is almost impossible and Johnson has made statements indicating he wants a no deal.
    I am just glad I didn't place a short on the pound. The leak is a black swan event like when the Swiss peg was removed. I wonder how many traders got wiped out, sorry if you were one of them.
  6. TommyR


    its a tremendously unsettling date. it almost makes you wonder where they are getting their advice that they could choose this date. no understanding of what it projects to satanist or globalist communities.
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  7. tomorton


    True. What were they thinking?

    Then again, at least there's no such thing as satan, spirits, zombies etc. etc.
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  8. Turveyd


    Errrrm Zombies ?? Just watching a documentary called the walking dead, ohhh there real!!

    Lad at my old work was a Vampire aswell, Energy Vampire, he feeds on your life force by boring the life out of you, true thing!!

    As to Brexit, I believe he'll bumble it ( on purpose ) and some how make us leave despite being made illegal with a No Deal cause it's what his backers want.