Brett's a Jet

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  1. :(

    For me, it's a sad day.
    I think both parties could've handled it better.
    I would've liked to have seen him finish his career with the Packers...
    Oh well, Namath did it, Unitas did it, Montana did it...

    The guy gives it 110% on the field,
    New York's getting a warrior.
  2. I think he wants to play football (read start), I was not really surprised he left. I hope he plays alot either way. As a bears fan he's always been a thorn, so we are happy! Although I can root for him at NY. :cool:
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    Do the Fins need to worry?
  4. I put the blame on Farvre. You can't just undecide at the last moment and expect the organization to put their plans on hold.

    I wish him luck at NY, but I think he has only himself to blame he isn't a Packer. he certainly isn't going to the superbowl this year.
  5. The Jets were willing to change their plans, and they had a lot better QB than Aaron Rodgers.

    The entire Packers front office and particularly the head coach should be fired at the conclusion of the season. One question. Packers better or worse with #4 at QB?
  6. How can they fit his big contract under the cap? Anyone aware of the Jet's cap status?

    I was a little surprised that the Jets gave up so much for a guy they are basically renting for a year, maybe two. I guess they figure they had most of the pieces in place on offense, and some of their guys are getting some age on them.
  7. As I said before...Bret Frarve is one of the most over rated QB's ever to play the game and gets free passes from Madden and the writers because " welllllllll shucks he's just being Brett the gunslinger"...

    Eli manning throws a pick and they say " he's got to learn to play from the neck up"

    Brett throws a pick " awww shucks he's just trying to make plays"..

    He is scum. He proved he wasn't a team leader and cared only about himslef...The Pack wasted 2 picks in the draft on QB's because HE RETIRED...then changed his mind...then changed his mind again....

    Just when I couldn't stand to hear one more thing about this prima donna....My beloved Jets trade for this Ass!!!!

    Is this some sort of curse????:confused: :confused:

    im in bind now...I want this peice of shit to fail miserably...but not while a JET...damn those Vikings!!!
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    Anyone besides me think Favre may be having some mental problems? I mean, I like him and he is one of the greats, but this dude's actions lately have been strange.
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    So much? I assume you're joking. The jets spent alot of $$ in the offseason on their offensive line, and getting Favre is their last piece of the puzzle. A 4th rounder, or even 2nd rounder is nothing given what the Jets have invested to win this year.

    In 1991, the Jets wanted Favre with their pick in the 2nd round, but he was taken 1 pick before the jets picked, and so the Jets took Browning Nagle as consolation.
    The curse of the Jets..til this year.
  10. I agree... how can the Pack put all their faith into a guy that has never played in the NFL?!?!?!?

    Earlier while watching the Saints game they mentioned that w/ all the QB's on the Pack currently, they have a total of ZERO combined NFL starts.

    Good luck w/ that. I've been there as a Browns fan and it's terrible. Difference is that the Pack actually had a great QB they decided to dump in favor of some unproven guy.
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