Brett Favre Finally Going to Vikes?

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  1. It's a year later than anticipated, but it looks like Brett will end up under center for the team that only lacks a QB. He doesn't have to be Hall of Fame Brett, only decent NFL QB Brett to put the Vikes on the road to the Super Bowl. What QB wouldn't like to have the weapons he will have, now to include speedster Percy Harvin.

    Favre sucked the latter part of the season last year. Whether it was because of the team, the system, the coaching or his bum arm, who knows? Even a lame-armed Favre is better than what the Vikes have at QB however.
  2. Vikes will b very motivated to get that ring now, before the Falcons mature, and the Bears have time to build a team around Cutler, which is already partially complete.

    Vikes have to be thinking this may be their best shot.

    Cards will b without Bolden.

    No Plex in NY.

    Iggles are aging.

    Falcons still young.

    Bears incomplete.

    Dallas still needs a team shrink.
  3. It looked like Brett ran out of gas last year without even playing in the post season. If the Vikes don't get HFA, he'll have to travel to a cold weather team and he'll get crushed.

    Come on, Brett. Retire. You're not in your 20's playing at home in Green Bay when temperatures are below freezing anymore. You completely bombed in your last few cold weather games for a reason. Scar tissue is a bitch.
  4. Not yet! They need to kiss and make up. Two decent RBs, two of the best wide receivers in the game and a healthy Warner would make for an interesting season, especially if they can do something with that defense.
  5. Sounds like it may have been a load of crap. Minneapolis stations have Childress at the practice facility, rather than at Favre's house like the rumor mill was pushing.
  6. A load of crap from AAA. You gotta be shitting me.

  7. He had/has a torn biceps tendon, I've had that and used to pitch in the minor leagues. Yeah, my fastball went from 90 to 83. If you throw for a living, this injury is no joke.

  8. Now they're saying it's over for him. Maybe he just didn't want to show for OTA's and mini-camp or maybe his arm is shot.

    Where did Jeff Garcia land, if anywhere? He seems like an obvious solution to the Vike's QB problem.
  9. Brett Favre sucks. The dude hasn't done anything in 12 years. The Vikes said he wasn't going to QB for them. Good for them, they would go nowhere with that fraud.
  10. 12 yrs...try took GB to the NFC championship game in 2008

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