Brett Favre Dirty Play

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by drjekyllus, Sep 1, 2009.

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  2. I've seen far worse of the same offense but it's a dirty play nonetheless.
  3. Hows that dirty? You have to be allowed to block. Haynesworths overdone takedown on Brady was cheap. It was obvious he wasn't just trying to sack him but pound him into the ground.
  4. What are you talking about? He's allowed to tackle him. Oh I forgot, it's the golden boy. Can't touch him or the league office goes nuts. NE is a dirty team, but they whine like little girls when they get some physical play back. They're lucky that was all the Redskins put on them. Plenty of people around the team are still steamed about BB running up the score on Joe Gibbs two years ago.
  5. Also, given the fact that Favre says he may have bruised or cracked ribs, I'm sure he wasn't trying to be dirty, just trying to make a block and not get hurt.
  6. bronks


    Questionable... yes.
    Dirty?... nah.

    Thing is, he's got the blindside bead on the guy; he didn't have to go low. Could've rung him up real good. Needs to watch Heinz Ward for a tutorial.
  7. It wasn't dirty, it was stupid. Favre is good for at least one moronic play per game: cracked rib, personal foul, threw his throwing shoulder into a block, it's only preseason. Yeah, it was brilliant.
  8. A crackback should be above the waist. In the earhole is totally legit. Behind the knee is bullshite.

    Farve will pay for that bush league play.
  9. If you watch the video, Wilson doesn't even hurt the knee that Favre actually blocked, his OTHER knee was injured on the play :D
  10. bronks


    The earhole USED to be a bullseye for your helmet... sometimes you get lucky and the jaw would come along for the ride. Fucker wouldn't know what sideline was his after one of those.
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