Bret Baier - 1; Obama - 0. Young Student Hammers The Arrogant Professor In A Debate.

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  2. Are you kidding me? I saw the entire 19-minute interview. Obama answered every question well and articulately despite the constant interruptions. You don't ask loaded questions and then give the president only seconds to respond.

    Your link leads to a bullshit web site. Rather than read a processed cheese interpretation of the interview, watch the actual and entire interview and then judge for yourself:

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  3. Baier looked like the most unprofessional journalist ever.

    Even liberal journalist allow bush,palin,etc to answer the questions
  4. Just like all politicians he isn't capable of straight forwardly answering questions.

    There is no point interviewing him because it isn't an interview it's his personal brand of stream of consciousness which is either known as red herring blather or lies and deceptions.
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    Exactly. Did you see the look on the great dictators face when Baier confronted him on the corruption being used to pass this bill? Baier absolutely turned the tables on this clown, and made him look so foolish. LOL
    I actually can't wait for this bill to pass, as it will assure the total destruction of the Democrats. America will make sure that the GOP will have a super majority in the Senate by 2013, and control of the House. That way, even if the douche bag Obama wins a second term, the GOP can override any presidential veto, and repeal the bill.
    In the 2012 Senate elections, the Democrats have to defend 23 seats, while the GOP only has to defend 10 seats. The odds of the Republicans getting this super majority in the Senate very strong.
    Absolutely "NO ONE" will be riding Obama's coattails in 2012. The Democrats are finished!!!! :D
  6. Except for the small fact that he answered every question in full and with context.

    Based on your post, I would guess that you did not even watch the interview in its entirety if at all.
  7. Wow, you can hear questions but not answers. Amazing.
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    Oh, how the libertards love living in their own delusional world. LOL I can't think of a greater piece of legislation that will insure GOP dominance in Congress for decades. Please pass the bill Dems. Pass it!!! I'll bring the bugle to play taps for you on November 2nd, and beyond. LOL :D
  9. Oh, so it's not about the interview anymore?
  10. Bret Baier former work:

    Fox News: Bush Is ‘Really Reflecting On His Place In History,’ Trying To ‘Equate Himself’ With Lincoln

    Baier previewed his documentary — “George W. Bush: Fighting to the Finish” — on Fox News this afternoon. He said that what surprised him from the interview was the President’s repeated efforts to link himself to Abraham Lincoln:

    We talked a lot about President Lincoln. And there’s going to be a lot of people out there who watch this hour and say, is he trying to equate himself with Lincoln?

    I tell you what — he thinks about Lincoln and the tough times that he had during the Civil War. 600,000 dead. The country essentially hated him when he was leaving office.

    And the President reflects on that. This is a President who is really reflecting on his place in history.


    As the article stated at the end: Note to Bret Baier: Lincoln wasn’t “hated” when he left office. He was assassinated just after being re-elected by an overwhelming margin.

    There is no way anybody could've gotten away with some of the purely idiotic crap thats on FoxNews 20 or 30 years ago. It appears the demographic that watches that station really are retarded.

    And speaking of retarded, why is that democrats can't use the term "retarded" but republicans can? Is it similar to that South Park episode where only gay people can use the word "fag" while the straights couldn't?
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