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  1. Where can I find the historical spread between the 2? I know we are way off the high of the spread and I was wondering what the boards thoughts on further contraction ?
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  3. Thanks Rosy, appreciate it.
  4. you can use this strategy:
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    With all deference and respect I simply must call bullshit, you fade a 20 period SMA - especially in that spread and you will get absolutely CRUSHED. You can't trade many/most commodity spreads these days on mean reversion back to what you perceive to be "fair value". Please note within the article that the strategy has a shelf life of circa 2004. That is indeed a highly profitable spread, but your referenced strategy is bassackwards and incredibly painful. I have clients with cash rack pricing in Cushing, and Platt's North Sea platform unloading basis info that won't fade that beast. Too many financial players with deep pockets ( open interest volume ) and the physical contract fungibility is too modest for a decent basis model from our experience as well.

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    These exchange supported implied spreads are executed just like a single futures market with one price ( the actual quoted spread differential ) - in fact, it is one singular price ladder in TT, CTS, PATS, etc.. The broker doesn't really do anything except clear the trade and collect a commission ! My clients who come to me clearing IB usually change brokers, because at least in the past IB was not particularly good with clearing spread trades. All the major Chicago and Bank FCMs will clear these and margin them correctly.
  7. oh ok thanks, that clears it up. Yeah IB spreads and margin for spreads is still screwy. Might open an account with Advantage or RJO.
  8. Advantage gave me a trial of the CTC platforms, they have all the implied spreads mentioned above, pretty neat. Still getting the hang of thinking in terms of spreads
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    Spreads will rock your world. Then you will get really pissed off that you didn't go down this road a long time ago. Fight through the regrets and make the best of the future.

    I have some clients who clear Advantage and they have adapted my proprietary spread technical studies to the CTS4 charting platform. I probably have fifty clients clearing Advantage Futures.
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