brent vs. nymex

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by BoyPlunger, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. Why has the spread collapsed so much here? A few weeks ago, nymex crude was like 3 bucks more than brent. One week ago, it was like 1 dollar, now it's about 35 cents.
  2. Was looking at exactly the same thing today. I have got a load of ex IPE traders in my office. They claim that it was always arb'd on the floor and it is just a transition period at the moment, will soon be corrected. As a result i am now short the spread!!
  3. JayS


    Looks like rig problems in the North Sea have narrowed the spread. Just my opinion.
  4. okwon


    Yeah that's the rumor that's floating around. Anyone notice the move in Sept/Oct calendar spread in Brent over the past couple of days? Someone definitely needs a bunch of the front month contract and is willing to pay up for it.
  5. thanks for the answers. yep i noticed the calendar too, especially today. Same kinda thing was/is going on in comex copper.
  6. the largest field in the N Sea got shut in for some reason ... maybe it was rig problems. Read that somewhere ....
  7. Thank you for the info.

    I saw this narrowing also. I have been watching brent since it became available to IB traders along with the eMINY and find it useful in those days and weeks when "oil does matter" to the markets in general.