Breitbart is losing its mind

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  1. RedDuke


    While I disagree with almost everything they stand for and believe in, I do listen to them from time to to try to understand their points of view. I always try to listen to all sides.

    Yesterday morning they had some lady on the morning show promoting some border wall book. And then they went to usual conspiracy theories.

    Then it got really weird, here is what they essentially encouraging public to do:

    1) No need to watch any Hollywood movies or shows. Never knew Iron Man is evil dude to be avoided at all costs.
    2) Remove yourself from any google product and simialar
    3) Remove yourself from any FB product or any social media
    4) Master card and other major cards are also bad, so drop them too

    And the list went on......

    This is pure madness. These people, if we allowed them to have their ways, would take us to stone age. For example, there are plenty of ultra conservatives groups how pray to cure any medical disease.

    How can this be real in 2019??????????????
  2. Here4money


    Inbreeding. It's why we need immigrants
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  3. elderado


    What are you talking about? Sorry, but you're not making any sense.
  4. UsualName


    Breitbart promoting cancel culture. The irony is incredible.
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  5. Snarkhund


    You don't have to stop watching movies, just don't pay for them. Kodi/Exodus is one solution. If you get RealDebrid you have access to 4k movies.

    If you have cable or satellite tv service you are paying money to CNN. Can't have that.

    Use DuckDuckGo instead of Google search. Avoid Google apps. Get an iphone and throw your Android phone in the garbage.
  6. UsualName


    There are enclaves if white nationalists in Idaho that are totally in agreement with your version of cancel culture. They’re just a lot harder than you.

    If you really want to live right wing cancel culture you have to totally get off of the map. I’m talking about propane heating, well water and generator electric.

    Until you stop feeding ALL of the liberal corporations you’re just a poser.
  7. Snarkhund


    Yeah whatever.

    I'm not paying companies with leftist views to the extent that is possible. At the grocery store I avoid certain products.. anything made by Kellog and a handful of others. Its not that difficult. Avoiding Target and Dicks Sporting Goods is no problem. Its easy and smart to not own a General Motors product.

    You can yammer about white supremacists all you want, you are worried about the wrong people. Worry about regular middle-class consumers because THEY are the ones that will bring you folks down financially.
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  8. UsualName


    “Even if I fell off, I’d land on a bunch of money.”

    I don’t have any connection to any of the corporations you named and I don’t know what kind hypnosis you’re under but I assure you those corporations are more in line with Republican policies than democrat policies.

    Perhaps we can agree that corporations are not people and we can go from there.
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  10. wildchild


    1. Hollywood is crap, they havent put out an original idea in 30+ years. Iron Man is not evil but it is garage. Martin Scorsese who is about the only guy who still puts out decent movies has said so himself.

    2. I don't see the major issue with removing yourself from Google. I don't see your major beef.

    3. FB and social media is garbage for losers.

    4. I dont see any real issue with credit cards as long as you pay your bill in its entirety every month and have a good rewards plan. I get 3 to 6 percent cashback on all my purchases so it works out. With that said, if you are a person who has a high interest rate credit card and are only paying the minimum every month, then yeah its probably a good idea to figure out a way out.

    Out of the 4 examples, only number 4 is questionable and there is an argument to be made in some cases.

    I fail to see what your problem is.
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