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    am i correct that in their new lay out you have to be a platenum user to get full live in play? before you needed gold so they raised my rates 300%
  2. barely worth it for FREE
  3. Yep - getting as bad (pricewise) and as worthless (trading wise) as ANY of Cramer's paid services.

    Now what do we use??
  4. If you have TCnet then the delayed version of is free.
  5. I am using streaming Datak service DowJones newswires,
    which include PR newswire, business wire.

    I trade QQQ. The problem is that when news comes
    out for example: Msft, INTC, or Csco, they appear
    on each stock colums with a bulp icon in " MEDVED
    QUOTE TRACKER". I have Esignal package also but
    don't use for news.

    I need a service that alart me for QQQ on any related
    stocks that directly affects QQQ and tell me how
    sensetive are that news to affect QQQ based on
    postivitly or negetivity level of that news.

    Is there a news service that can do this real time?
  6. matt5555


    Yep, I am very upset. I noticed today when signing on that I could not see the live page that I have used before.

    I sent an email saying how unpleased I was and that I am going to cancel the service because of this.
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    to their credit since i am annual gold subscriber they will give me a platinum subscription for the length of my agreement
  8. matt5555


    I have not received a response in 24 hours so far....
  9. Yeah this is total bullshit. What amounts to a 250% price increase.

    Not only that today there was a host of site problems. Had a server busy message twice and the live headlines page stopped auto-refreshing.

    Plus at 11:30ET I get "pre-market update". Briefing was never slick, but at 25 bucks they can ram it AFAIK.

    Good riddance.
  10. corvus


    Not worth it to me either...was rapidly losing value anyhow.
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