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    I started day trading about ten years ago and consistently was able to bring down 6 figs until the last couple of yrs, which may sound odd because so many traders are having there best years in decades. This is about the same time my mother started failing and I have become her caretaker. I don't know if there is a connection or not, but I know I need to start changing things around quickly. . .

    My best years were when I was trading on a desk at a prop firm in NYC. I miss those days of sharing ideas and research. Now I'm trading from home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I love it here too, but boy do I miss the trading brotherhood. . .

    I hope posting my ideas and journal here will not only help me to improve my trading, but also to be able to meet new people, and perhaps even share research. . .
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    Thanks for the info. Which instruments do you daytrade?
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    stocks, etfs, and a little crypto
  4. Hey I think we spoke on Twitter. Sorry to hear that it's still tough for you.
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    Not me. . . but thx
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    Whats your trading style ? I take it you primarily trade stocks ?
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    Welcome to day trading.

    I think the prerequisite for trading is to score minimum an A or A+ for the Mind managment (emotional management, mind centering, alertness ).
    A- is not acceptable.

    Before I went full time trading, my average sleeping hours is average of 4.5 hours over one whole year. So we need lots of determination and sacrifice, learning, unlearning (because we might be exposed to wrong teachings), relearning
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    You were at SMB? No longer? Why?
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