Breasts: The Real Reason Men Love Them

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  1. What!....No pictures? :( :mad:
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    If you got to read something on the internet to figure this out, you gots-a-problem.
  3. lol. i figured some of you would bite.
  4. Male bodybuilders love big tits too. On

    I never understood the fascination they held for the pec major

    i guess must have big ones and lots self love to get it
  5. For example, in one study, men were offered money payouts. They could have a few Euros right away, or, if they agreed to wait a few days, more Euros later. In this version of a classic "delayed gratification" (also called intertemporal choice by behavioral economists) experiment, some men watched videos of pastoral scenes while others watched videos of attractive women with lots of skin exposed running in slo-mo, "Baywatch" style. The men who watched the women's breasts doing what women's breasts do opted for the smaller-sooner payouts significantly more often then men who watched the pastoral scene.

    This likely indicates that parts of their brains associated with "reward," the pleasure centers, and the sites of goal-directed motivation, were shouting down the reasoning centers of their brains, primarily the pre-frontal cortex. Neurochemicals were activating those reward and motivational circuits to drive men toward taking the short money.

    Conclusion: dont watch porn while trading [​IMG]
  6. seriously, where there's boobs there is usually pussy,
    and that makes penis very happy.
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    Be careful out there, brother TIKI.
    What with the pervert invasion of the U.S., one needs to do careful investigation.
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    Interesting that you would openly announce you are carefully investigating the "pervert invasion." How carefully, exactly? And are you being sufficiently thorough?
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    Brother Dog, be honest, do you smoke dope?
    (If you don't care to answer, I understand.)
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