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  1. Any one using BreakThruTrading? I would like to talk to other traders for their opinion. I am still in trial period and I really think it is a good tool specially for novice like me. Help You can see their tickers on their Website
    Thanks for any suggestion on other systems. I could look at to compare but I need the kind of cash management they are offering.
  2. I signed up in August and eventually cancelled my subscription because of so many bugs in the product. After 6 months he has probably fixed those but he has not a care for his customers.
    I am not sure if he is scamming people or just ignores people because he knows he has a product that people will buy even if it is unfinished.

    How did the software perform in January? It should have been through the roof. If not, I would be skeptical. The main problem I had with the history of results is he would claim a stock was up big and then close for profit when it was a stock that gapped the day after the signal was sent. With the signals sent the night before it would be impossible for anybody to enter the stock at the signal price and be in for the profit.
  3. I join recently and the signals posting is at 5:30 so I do not experience the problem you are talking about. So far I am making money and no complaint for customer support that is way above average.
  4. After-market trading is closed by 530PM. If the signal is sent to enter GOOG at $399 at 530PM the day before, it is impossible to enter at that price when the stock opens at $415 the next morning. Despite that, that is ignored when the profit results are calculated.

    So do you enter market orders? Has he since instructed on the best way to enter the trades based on the signals?
  5. Actually the results are now posted around 5:15 and sometimes earlier so if I am ready I can enter the market at the specify price.
    If I miss it I do not enter with a difference such as the one you are mentioning. I just pass. Sometimes actually the next morning the price is even lower. I do not expect BTT staff to tell me how to trade I just learn trying to reach people using the same software system. Actually now BTT has its own forum so I'll probably get ideas from there.
  6. Thanks for your reply. From my perspective, attached is results straight from the BTT website in December 05. It is clear right here. Almost all big gainers gapped up with an impossible entry at signal price. However they are included in the final profit number.

    Something else that is not realistic about this is no one receives all these signals. Especially those with under 50K. You know this, but everybody viewing this post does not. It allocates your entire trading account balance to two trades max at one time. It is possible that the only signal you get for 12-19 is IMO. you exit 12-23 and enter NC on 1-4. Exit 1-9 and enter CELG on 1-10. Final actual profit -2.02 vs. +31.23 as stated on the website. I had those similar results for 6 months. It also says results are posted weekly when the positions are closed, but nothing has been posted in a couple weeks.

    Attachment: Look at the signal date and entry price. Then look at the next day's open price. Case closed.
  7. Yes I noticed that they do not post the results but we get those results on the forum