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  1. laeott


    I use Investors Business Daily. Has anyone used Its supposed to find breakout stocks based on IBDs formulas.
  2. TKI


    I've been a user for 6 years. Before I used DGO but I often missed the breakouts. Breakoutwatch solved that problem. Now you can cut and past IBD lists into the watchlist (PWL's). I use the filter and backtesting often to reduce the number of potential stocks.
  3. I took the trial about 3 years ago. It's a great resource if you don't have the time to do the work yourself. However, the same info is out there for free if you're willing to dig for it.

  4. I have visited Marg_trader blog. Excellent work Margo! There are many great people here on ET, but I also think they are being silenced by some bad fish in the pond. So I am stepping out to say good things about good members in here.

    I do not want to have others suffer the insults and defamation I am been subject to here on ET by a few bad fish (including a moderator!).