Breakout Massive Base ELON Buy Me!

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  1. I only have 700 shares stuck a foot in a few days ago a la>
    I'm going to buy 700 shares of ELON as a replacement and have a limit buy in on 600 ALDN beneath the market.

    These should take over the advance of REFR with less of the Beta swings. Take a 3 year look at ELON and get a head start before I lead thread this later this week.
    Significant P&F double top breakout combined with a perfect cup with a handle b/o @ $10.00. This is one of the more powerful LT chart prospects I have come around recently and I only just discovered it today.

    >> I'll be back with more info but AS THE STOCK IS ABOUT TO BREAK OUT TODAY! I thought I'd better get this thread started fast! ~ stoney.

    >>ELON, jumps 50c
  2. Man punch up the daily 15 minutes on ELON!

    Whew! Stairway To Heaven Much!
  3. hels02


    Um.... what the heck are you doing in this?

    It just reported WIDENING losses, all the insiders are selling like crazy, and while it has a pretty website, it would only cost $400 to make a flash movie like they have on it.

    Did Cramer just pump this one? :D
  4. hels This adventure began as a purely tech call on my part which normally would be dangerous but I've been trying harder in that area. Normally I don't like to buy without knowing the whole story but I'm stumbling onto a very few very powerful looking charts and this ELON is one of them.

    What's so exciting hels imagine a home where your toaster made your toast for you! How would that be? Or say your little fan next to your bed it woke up turned itself on cooled you down and then went asleep but not before sending a message to your humidifier to send a puff of cool steam your way. Ahhh future living!

    Echelon's PL 3170 Power Line Smart Transceiver allows manufacturers to create networked home control products that install automatically when plugged into a wall - eliminating the fear and technology complexity that consumers associate with home automation. This new power line smart transceiver is the latest addition to the company's LonWorks® products and Digital Home®

    >> What's BIG here is the EASY install.!!!!

    >> Green Tech IS THE TECH now Hels. All venture capital is pouring into this field and my little ELON is about to become a BIG player.
    Now Shhhhhhhhh. I only have 700 shares. I need to DD next week. Funds are low for stoney right now I got drunk and found myself home with a bag of white Ostrich shoes... don't ask how much I almost fainted when I saw the bill but it was equal to 300, 400 shares!!!!!

    >> Don't forget the power of meters too!
    >> Echelon Corp. (ELON.O: Quote, Profile , Research), a developer of "smart" electric meters to measure energy efficiencies, taps hardware and software managers and engineers who have built digital communications networks at earlier Silicon Valley companies, said Jeff Lund, the company's vice president of business development.

    >> What we have here folks is a tasty tasty treat. I hope to amass a 1400 share position.
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    What I want to know is the manufacturer / distributor of those shoes. I bet they have a positive earnings surprise this quarter! :D
  6. Does anyone know what this means:

    (ELON) Echelon Technology Selected for China's Growing Streetlight Market...??????? ~ stoney
  7. ELON Buy / Sell 13.80 0.45 3.37% 1,200 $12.12 $1,995.19 13.70% $16,560.00...

    Hels did your toaster bake that bread for you this morning? Did your coffee pot make you smile? Is your laundry being done while you charge your electric car?

    ELON making life better for the stonedinvestor!
    Up 13% in a week my recommendation to you....

    ACOR is up even more! YES!
  8. I can't pass this up. "Your" recommendation? My my

    Appropriate entry was on 2/6 on a closing 20 day high of $8.18 Two days later, it had a 55 day closing high of $8.85. Confirmation.

    Relative to the present $13.50, a tad more than 13%.

    Move's mature and due to consolidate. Speed bump for somebody like me, probably a repellent for you. NO. ehhh, action. IF so, you'll miss the real move.

    But do YOU recommend Red Bud or Kona Gold???
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    Now boys, tsk tsk tsk. Play nice.
  10. Is it just me or is that the prettiest chart you ever did see. Is it going to $20 or $30 that seems to be the only question. What do the more chart focused folk out there think???

    I don't really understand the above crit I found an interesting LT breakout story with amazing potential and I'm up 13% in a week and somehow this is bad- I didn't buy it lower! >Great with $10 freakin dollars ahead of you! And none of you in it. That's the thanks I get. ~stoney
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