Breaking: Trump Agrees To Meet Kim Jong Un

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    Some say Iran's nuclear program was just a ploy to ease sanctions
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    Yea, Trump's business funding Saudi's do say that.
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  3. I was looking for a 2017 Russian sci-fi movie (Attraction) and suddenly remembered when Trump came to Earth before the presumed brain wipe.

    The last comment is the best.

    Between Biff in BTTF 2 and the Dominar above, Trump really set the mold.
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  4. Here4money


    I meant nuclear program, not deal. Basically the Iranians needed easing of sanctions hence the arms race.
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    Yes, their planes were crashing because they couldn't buy modern planes, businesses had a lot of problem - in a normal scenario where a relatively liberal Muslim country like Iran would have been a natural ally to the US compared to the ISIS supporting Sunni Saudi Muslims but in the bizarro world, Iran is the bad guy while the country that sent the 9/11 terrorists are Republican best friends. I say Republican because Saudi's didn't like Obama much, same as Israel.
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  6. The White House is now touting Dennis(we'll see what happens)Dennison as the ultimate deal maker.
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  7. jem


    so the first bit of good news we have had in years about north korea and the leftist clown car comes up with a bunch of negative garbage.

    nobody trusts Un or North Korea. We saw korea play previous administrations.
    But, this overture is a hell of a lot better than nuke missile tests and mountains collapsing.

    Maybe it was the olympics.
    maybe it China being threatened by sanctions.
    maybe it was something trump did.

    how hell would you guys know.
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    Blah blah blah

    ""I say that in every town hall meeting that we have and every rally," Obama said. "What I have said is that I will meet with not just our allies and our friends but I will initiate tough diplomacy with our enemies. That includes Syria, Iran, North Korea and Venezuela. I would meet with them and I would meet with them without preconditions although with preparation. I

    Cons peddled conspiracy theories and attacked Obama for saying that but now they love Trump for the same.
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  9. Dennis? Kim's plan all along to get his best buddy Rodman into the Presidency.

    He is an evil shit but that boy can plan.
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  10. Haha, if Trump discovered the cure for cancer, he would be blamed for not discovering it sooner....
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