Breaking: Trump Agrees To Meet Kim Jong Un

Discussion in 'Politics' started by vanzandt, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. vanzandt


    White House news-wire.
    Wonder what CNN and MSNC can trash this with.
  2. jem


    On the radio I heard a South Korean official state that North Korea has agreed to cease testing and denuclearize.

    If that happens... wow.
    That is winning in a big way.

  3. Here4money


    We've always put up a strong front against this asshole, it's not a good look to give him any legitimacy. I hope something good come of it, and Trump doesn't just throw a hissy fit.
  4. Finally Trump has the ally he needs to crush the Democrats.
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  5. exGOPer


    Did everyone forget their history? Jong Un's father played the entire western world with their offers of denuclearizing and meetings and blah blah while they ramped up their capabilities. By the end of Trump's term, NK will have the third largest collection of nukes.
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  6. What are you talking about , Jem has already won bigly ,
    of course there is that big 'IF" there.;).
  7. exGOPer


    That's how all their arguments start and end, jem was bragging and shitting on the 'left' recently based on "IF ECONOMY GREW AS ATLANTA FED PROJECTED'.

    Cons live in their world of IFS but never any BUTS, reasonable doubts would make them smarter.

    Also to point out, NK Is looking very 'peace' oriented because of the leftist liberal SK President who has always been soft on peace with them, to credit Trump after his dumbass tweets is again ignoring the local situation and crediting US politicians. Same with Iraq, US military helped but it was the locals and the kurds who crushed ISIS using a coordinated strategy. Meh, having to explain things to philistines is tiresome isn't it.
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  8. Kim likes to kill officials who displease him with anti-aircraft guns meets Donny, who likes to watch TV in the mornings.

    Being There II.
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  9. Yet they refuse to recognize the Iran deal.
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  10. exGOPer


    Exactly and they spun unblocking Iran's access to their own money as Obama paying taxpayer money to them and it was all a terrible deal.

    But Trump is already a 'peacemaker' when nothing has happened and nothing will happen, NK knows their leverage is the weapons, they will never give it up.
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