Breaking the Silence short documentary

Discussion in 'Politics' started by sameeh55, Jan 22, 2011.

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  2. 377OHMS


    Who cares?

    Its the filthy muslims who are the terrorists. Everyone knows that.

    You see, you can't pull suicide-bomb after suicide-bomb and then complain. Its seems the arabs do not possess that particular sensibility.
  3. Ricter


    Are you a moron, or are you referring to the fanaticists only? There are over a billion muslims.
  4. pspr


    I remember seeing thousands of muslims dancing in the streets after 9/11 in support of the terrorist acts on the U.S. And, I think there are only two or three individual muslims who openly denounce islamic terrorist attacks.

    And who exactly is financially supporting the islamic terrorists? Other muslims, that's who.

    I think there will eventually be a war to stop the muslims from violently imposing their beliefs on the rest of the world as they are told to do by their faith. If this is not the war in Armageddon where Christ prevails over them then it will become more difficult to stop as we westerners allow their assimilation to spread.
  5. Hello


    I think that the problem muslims face is that the fanatics in their religion are able to intimidate and scare other ones so much that they are essentially unable to speak up and denounce the fanatics. I know if i was some kind of main stream muslim spokesperson i sure as hell would not want to speak up against radical islam, and make it my calling to fight against them. There is already targets on the head of people for making cartoons, which made jokes about mohammed.

    So the problem is that the moderates dont have a loud enough voice. I was friends with, and still am friends with alot of muslims, because the area of Toronto i lived in was predominantly brown people and asians, and every single muslim i talked to or family i was around denounced, and hated all these suicide bombers and radical islamist, infact most of them would even put up a christmas tree in their house and hand out presents around christmas time, they embraced western culure, however you dont see these same muslims standing up and publically protesting fanatics all the time, out of fear for their own life, so basically the ones who have the louder voice are the small few who are religious fanatics, and thus people get the wrong imnpression about the majority of them.

    With all that said, the vast majority of what sameeh posts is horseshit, he is a radical, no doubt about it.

  6. Lucrum


    "Breaking Wind" would have been a more appropriate title.
    Such harsh words from a bleeding heart kinda guy.

    Of course he's talking about the fanatics. What other type of "filthy" Muslim is there?
  7. You know what's funny about sameeh? He claims to crusade against Israel on the basis that it's not "their land". They don't "belong there", etc.

    Yet, when he leaves Palestine, he doesn't go to some arab muslim coutnry, which there are several of. No, no, he goes to a white, western nation. By his own doctrine he should not want to be a hypocrite, and go be in another people's land. If he was applying the same standard evenly, then he'd be assailing all the muslims who are now living in and parasiting off of European nations, but we never hear him moaning and bitching about that. It's okay if they do it. Yet even though Palestinians parasitically feed off of Israel, he doesn't want them there... Double standard much???
    By his own doctrine, he should have gone to some other arab or muslim nation. He has no business living in the west...
  8. pspr


    I guess I was a little harsh on the average muslim in my previous post.

    I know there are good, moderate muslims since I worked with and for some Iranians about 15 years ago. Although some were not exactly open or respectful of Americans or their employees in general, others were good friends and co-workers and honestly wanted to help others around them regardless of religous beliefs.
  9. Many of them pretend to have more moderate views when with people who they know would not approve of them. That's of course not to say that there are no moderates, but there ARE many feigning moderate views for social reasons...

  10. Hello


    I strongly disagree with this statement, often times i was a minority in the area i grew up, and with the friends i grew up with. They would have no reason to lie to me, unless the whole group, and all their parents were colluding to try to appear more westernised, which i highly doubt.

    It is the total opposite, they are becoming more moderate in general in western cultures in my opinion. There are very few second or third generation muslims living in Canada or the U.S. who want to practice sharia law for example, less than 1% probably. However at the same time they are becoming more extreme in the middle east, and somewhat justifiably so, if you lived in Iraq or Afghanistan, and your house is bombed by mistake and you lose your whole family, do you really think you are going to understand, or be sentimental towards the people who are currently killing your family and neighbours? Even if the war may be justified? I doubt it.

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