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  1. It hasnt been around that long...since the 1960's?

    So how long has the government been creating/exaggerating/using it to sway popular consensus?
  2. Since LBJ got pissed off about the price of eggs...:cool:
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    It = Internet or television.

    BD, you must be trying to replace the Ricter Riddle which has be conspicuously absent the last few months.
  4. 'it' started in 1965 when a non violent protest in alabama turned violent...and was broadcast on tv
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    Tsing Tao

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    "breaking news" replaced "hot off the presses" being hawked but a Little Rascal urchin on the street corner.

    Same concept, different medium.
  7. Its annoying how Johnny on the Spot Obama and the media is in regards to gun control after this tragedy. This campaign was blatantly planned and now they are spoon feeding us ignorant Americans. First the tragedy, now they are trying to scare parents by saying one solution is arming teachers. Nobody should believe this would ever happen.

    They have brought out this heavy artillery because its needed to make a change to something the scope of the constitution...good luck with securing your legacy Obama